For many expats Malaysia is one of the most attractive destinations to both work and live. The country is filled with natural wonder and the capital city – Kuala Lumpur is also a destination that offers a great quality of life. There are shopping opportunities aplenty and both historical and cultural sites that will fill even the most jaded traveler with delight.

However for those who want to make Kuala Lumpur their expat base there are some challenges. The city has some of the worst traffic in the world and if the rain comes down at rush hour it becomes a nightmare to navigate.

Of course there are the normal day to day challenges as well – among them how to find quality education for the younger members of the family.

Fortunately there are quality options for those who have relocated to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. One of these is the well respected Montessori kindergarten in Malaysia. According to Astarkids, The school has an enviable reputation that has been established through years of very successful operation across the globe.

The Montessori approach to education is one that has been tried and trusted by families with young children from a great many countries.

Montessori was established in 1907 and since then has developed a reputation for providing quality education which is based on the unique requirements of each individual learner who is allowed to progress through the Montessori system at their own pace. This gives each child a unique opportunity to follow their own path towards educational excellence.

Perhaps one of the most important guiding principles of Montessori education is that it allows the child to explore the limits of their own psychological development, within the limits of the unique Montessori approach to the educational system. This is a system that recognizes that each child is unique and not merely a simple part of a class of schoolchildren.

This can be especially important during the formative periods of the child’s psychological development, including their kindergarten years.

It is during this formative stage that the unique Montessori approach can set the foundations for further educational growth.

The Montessori approach which prioritizes interaction with real world objects will allow children to explore their world without the pressures of a structured and perhaps restrictive educational philosophy has impressed both educationalists and parents alike. It appears that children who have access to this sort of educational framework are both better adjusted to their psychological environment and to the future demands of higher education.

It is a truism that the foundations of thought and development are best served through allowing the child to explore their own curiosity. This is something that the Montessori system seems to encourage.

Of course parents will want to explore all the options that are available for their children to achieve their potential – however all indications are that the Montessori system is one of the most effective in allowing children to achieve that potential within a structured environment.

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